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Vehicle Servicing

Jubilee Garage can service any car or motorbike and most commercial vehicles. We have a fully-equipped workshop in North Wales, a highly-trained team and the latest equipment so we can bring you a dealer-level service at a local-level price.

Vehicle Servicing

We are a block exemption approved garage which means your warranty will still be valid when you service your car here. You'll receive exactly the same service and guarantees as you would from a main dealer. But you won't receive the hefty bill afterwards.

If we find any faults on your vehicle while we're servicing it, we won't carry out any extra work or replace any parts without talking to you first so there won't be any nasty surprises when you pay.

Courtesy cars and vans are available and we'll send you a text or email you to let you know when your next service is due, whether it's a main service or one required at specific intervals by your manufacturer.

And make sure you bring your logbook with you so we can stamp it for you. Some newer vehicles no longer have paper service books, they are updated online through specific dealer websites. At Jubilee, we have access to these and can still update your service record.

Jubilee Garage offers the following service options:

  • Auto Electrical Servicing
  • Annual Servicing
  • Manufacturers' Recommended Servicing
  • Genuine or Approved Parts as Standard on all Services
  • Car, Motorbike and Commercial Servicing
  • Vehicle Health Check
  • Air Conditioning Servicing
  • Winter Servicing
  • Safety Inspections
  • Engine light diagnostics (find out why the engine light is on)
  • Update your Online Service Record - for Newer Vehicles

For your car, motorbike or van servicing needs in Deeside and North Wales, call Jubilee Garage on 01244 819519 or you can send us an email here